My Hero Academia Season 2 My Hero Academia Season 2

My Hero Academia Season 2


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  • Popularity: 463019
  • Average score: 80%
  • Mean score: 80%
  • Format: TV
  • Start Date: April 1, 2017
  • Studio: bones
  • Genres:
    Action, Adventure, Comedy,
  • Synonyms:
    BNHA 2, MHA 2, 나의 히어로 아카데미아 2기, 나히아 2기, 我的英雄学院 2, 我的英雄学院第二季, มายฮีโร่ อคาเดเมีย ภาค 2, أكاديميتي للأبطال2,
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    My Hero Academia Season 2

    Taking off right after the last episode of the first season. The school is temporarily closed due to security. When U.A. restarts, it is announced that the highly anticipated School Sports Festival will soon be taking place. All classes: Hero, Support, General and Business will be participating. Tournaments all round will decide who is the top Hero in training.

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